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The Vexed Thinker Project is a multi-armed reflective and creative writing, art, and world-building effort.

The Vexed Thinker writes regular, reflective commentary on Medium about the role of our thinking structures in creating delicious mental, emotional, routine, cultural, and societal life. Be sure to follow, clap, comment, and highlight the Vexed Thinker on Medium.

The Vexed Thinker Blog chronicles creative efforts in fictional world building. Follow the blog to see what the Vexed Thinker is working on right now.

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Thank you for enjoying the Vexed Thinker Project! I hope my serious and fun writing and art projects will stimulate you to consider, discuss, and action the serious mental, emotional, and philosophical subjects that face us individually and socially.

Darren Roesch, The Vexed Thinker