7 Tricks of Nature to Create Dazzling Color: A Zine

My interest in designing novel life forms has led me to study how animals make their color. I have also been taking note of the current popular zine making trend in creative social media circles.

Therefore, today I decided to make a zine about ways nature makes dazzling, often iridescent, colors through light-scattering structures rather than light-absorbing pigments.

This is my zine:

If you’d like to make you very own zine, hop over to Austin Kleon’s website site for instructions.

Author: Darren Roesch

I am a retired American biomedical research scientist and professor.

2 thoughts on “7 Tricks of Nature to Create Dazzling Color: A Zine”

  1. Your blog gives people a glimpse into not THE creative life but (like all of them) ONE creative life. It still surprises me that so many people have a hunger to learn more about the practical habits of writers, artists, and other obviously creative people. But I can understand that this curiosity is real, and benign, and in itself kind of creative. So you’re doing a good job!

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